Chanel hosted a Swanky Malibu Party, and All the Celebs Carried—You Guessed It—Chanel Bags

Chanel hosts lots of parties all over the world, and their dinners always have such a specific aesthetic, at least where arrivals are concerned. The guest lists are always people—but mostly women—of various ages and professional backgrounds, from artists to movie stars. They’re always all impeccably draped in Chanel, and the step and repeat is always in front of a wall solid with greenery—after all, since the brand ensures there are plenty of logos on the attendees, there’s no need to put the logo on the decor.

This weekend, Chanel hosted a Malibu party to benefit the natural resources defense Council, and that the arrivals photos are virtually indistinguishable from past Chanel parties held at swanky restaurants or clubs is sort of mind-boggling when you realize the dinner was at, like, a couple’s private home. Being rich is wild. check out the arriving A-listers and their Chanel bags below.

Bella Heathcote
Chanel shoulder Bag
Karl Lagerfeld never fails to populate his parties with lovely young actresses, no matter the location.

Courtney Cox
Chanel classic Flap Bag
In this particular party, Karl also stacked the guest list with a couple of friends, both literal and figurative.

Jennifer Aniston
Chanel Clutch
Jennifer and Courtney took some cute photos together, of course, but their bags are easier to fawn over in the solo shots.

Kathryn Boyd
Chanel classic Flap Bag
Josh Brolin’s partner Kathryn Boyd looked regal in a white dress, which skillfully obscured the fact of her recently announced pregnancy.

Maude and Iris Apatow
Chanel shoulder Bags
Fashion’s obsession with celebrity offspring doesn’t show any signs of slowing, and Maude and Iris Apatow attended the soiree with mom Leslie Mann. (She was also carrying Chanel, but we couldn’t get a good shot of her bag.)

Molly Sims
Chanel classic Flap Bag
Model Molly Sims went with a bright dress, so she understandably chose a small, neutral bag to accent it.

Priyanka Chopra
Chanel Minaudiere
Priyanka got the rarest bag of the night: an ultra-expensive Chanel perspex clutch.

Rainey Qualley
Chanel sequin Flap Bag
Before we go, one more pair of celebrity sisters: Margaret and Rainey Qualley, daughters of Andie MacDowell.

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