PurseForum Roundup – March 6

Oh, thank goodness! Friday is here at last. It’s time to put the first week of March to rest, so kick off your shoes and come along for a look at what has been happening on the PurseForum this week. We found some signs of spring in Kate Spade and the Glass Slipper, and of course, some great bags all over we looked.

In Bottega Veneta, we were pleased to find some reveals this week, including this beautiful view of BV_LC_poodle’s two new bags. This thread has a few much more bags to tickle your fancy, so be sure to pay a visit for the most recent updates.

Tracyshopaholic is ready for spring, and so are her new BV flats, and pandorabox stole the show with her ultra-chic, ultra-smooshy Cervo Baseball hobo. That’s really how to make an entrance, pandorabox.

We couldn’t resist sharing this pretty pop of color we found in the What Bottega Veneta are You carrying Today thread, courtesy of grietje. You will find a broad variety of BV bags in that thread’s pages, which always gives us plenty of ideas on what our next purchase might be. drop in and see which BV inspires you.

In Balenciaga, the March Purchases thread is off to a incredible start with Catash’s eggplant City and this beautiful bleu obscure City that our member dxs picked up (and tailored to her liking with a little tassel-ectomy). Our tastes tend toward bright colors, but this bag is an elegant beauty, plain and simple.

Lbbolton picked up a camel Day bag of a little older vintage that really shows off its beautiful leather. Winter fans will love this Day bag in gris glacé shared by pree, and beautifully photographed as well.

Whether you are new to Balenciaga or trying to decide between the City, Work, Day or something else entirely, you will want to visit the Balenciaga reference library, where our members spell it all out for us in marvelous detail and living color. Consider, for example, tangerine, one of the prettiest oranges in the bag world, courtesy of rachelkitty.

Are you ready for Spring? We can tell you that thegreenbeen certainly is. This Watering Can grasp from Kate Spade is the ideal way to celebrate turning the clocks forward. Raerae84120 went a little much more conventional with her new purchases, but they are nevertheless spectacular; we certainly love a thread with “haul” in the title, and so will you.

Songofthesea opened up an interesting conversation about the age element when considering a Kate Spade purchase, and she was met with unanimous support and lots of photos. Are you ever too old to have fun with your purse purchases? We agree with our members–the answer is NO! Oh, and before you leave Kate Spade, check out angelthelsons new blue small A Satchel!

Have you discovered Aquazzura? CEC.LV4eva certainly has, and we can’t take our eyes off of these amazing shoes. She has shared her new purchases in the Aquazzura thread in The Glass Slipper, and they are irresistible.

Elsewhere in the Glass Slipper, phiphi, her pups, and her poudre Valentino Rockstuds are all patiently waiting for spring–we love when our members sneak their animals into a photo, don’t you?

LeeMiller started a thread this week that we hope gets some traction and some photographs, because the topic of Cool, rock and Roll vibe Boots is one we certainly want to watch.

Are you a Goyard fan? If you are, this is your lucky day. Our member Mutiny has some fantastic things to share in Goyard, and this small Croisiere is just a tease. There is another small to enjoy, as well as a spectacular pair of trunks in this thread. The Bourget Trolly is top of the line, and this reveal will knock your socks off.

Do you have trouble choosing your next bag? You are certainly not alone, and in this thread, we have been absolutely no help at all. We will let you discover Maddy2280’s Chanel problem yourselves, but suffice it to say, this young boy bag made an extremely strong showing. want to see what the competition was and what Maddy decided? drop in here, and hopefully we will all catch a reveal soon.

That’s it for us! We hope you have a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you best here next week. In the meantime, stay warm, dry and, of course, fashionable. hyvää alkavaa viikkoa!

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